The “Footique at Family Footcare Group” at our offices have been designed to not only be competitively priced with local pharmacies but even with internet sites & best of all can be picked up in the convenience of your visit to our offices. Our doctors & staff have attempted to evaluate the best products to see to your footcare needs and are constantly adding new products to help our patients. The need for in house over the counter medical products was conceived many years ago by the addition at the request of patients to provide products that were needed for their treatments but were not readily accessible at all stores. Therefore, we began adding products that complement their therapies at our offices hence making it “ one stop treatment & shopping”.

All of our offices provide the following:

  • Foot creams- for dry, cracked , injured feet
  • Foot powders
  • Toe & foot devices & pads
  • Topical nail treatments as well as specially formulated nail polish to be used
  • in conjunction with fungal nail treatments
  • Shower water protectors to keep feet dry during treatment
  • Diabetic Therapeutic Shoes
  • Diabetic Socks
  • Diabetic foot products
  • Extra long Shoe horns
  • Arthritic gels & creams
  • Durable Medical equipment- temporary foot supports , ankle splints,
  • Fracture casts ( cam walkers), Surgical shoes
  • Custom Biomechanical Orthotic Appliances