“Dear family foot care My name is John I have been coming to your office for sometime now from regular check ups to surgery so I would like to take the time to say thank you for all you have done for me and continue to do for me.On February 6 2015 I had surgery done on my toe the the surgery was done by Dr. Atlas & Dr. Kaplan I would like to say thank you for making the surgery relaxing for me its the day after and there is very little pain if any now the healing begins with my follow up visits.I would also like to say thank you to Dr. Condro for always making me feel like family and taking good care of me on my office visits the staff is very pleasant to deal with over the phone and when coming into the office for my visits. Thank you.”


“To Dr. Condro & Stacey,

Thanks so much for getting me well – Thank God for Podiatrists.”


“Walking pain free for as long as I want is something I haven’t experienced since I was a teenager, Since the two bunionectomies, second and third toe repairs, I am walking pain-free as if I were a teenager. Thank you so very much for your careful attention to repairing my feet so that I am able to walk long distances, including the golf courses, without having to soak and rub my feet at the end of day (for that my husband, Lee thanks you), I am also enjoying the endless running and playing with my grandchildren. Thank you again from the bottom of my heart, You told me that if I “obeyed” your instructions we “would have success”. I did and I am very pleased with the results.”


“At my appointment today with Dr.Gregg Atlas in the Liberty office, I glanced down at my feet and came to the realization that they had greatly improved both in appearance and condition since I’ve been seeing Dr. Atlas. I’ve always been impressed with his good humor, professionalism, knowledge and caring attitude and I thought I would take this occasion to express my gratitude for the results he’s gotten in keeping my feet healthy. For an older patient like me (86),this is particularly important.Thank you Dr. Atlas”